A true friend would have acted differently.

I couldn't bring myself to throw your picture away.


We have a house in the country as well as a flat in London.

I just picked it up.

Who do you think you're talking to here?

Savlon is a moisturizing skin cream.

I think we're all a bit cuckoo.

Kristi won't be interested.

I had a bad headache yesterday. That was why I was absent.

How do you travel to work?

You have been warned.

I don't know what the big deal is.

We must stick together.

I have a report to give tomorrow morning.

He crosses the railroad tracks every morning.

I don't have a girlfriend.

There's something for you to do.


Straka broke the law.

Of course, I didn't tell him.

As he came home it started to rain.


I'm waiting for them.

We'll let her decide.

I'm buying my sister a new hat.

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Jayesh was bald.


The fruit of this tree is not to be eaten.

I'm not allowed to help you.

He asked to speak to me privately.

I went home.

I made the last bus by a few seconds.

Put some ice on your leg.

He left for the United States by air.

Where exactly do you want me to go?

Stop micromanaging everything!

You can't fight such a defeatist approach.

Let's conserve our limited water resources.

I'd like a sandwich.

Friendliness is a language the deaf can hear and the blind can read.

Kyu looked around, but he couldn't see anything.

She calmed down and returned home.


Kiki got life for shooting Herve.

Brent never visits us in the winter.

All we can do now is hope that Deborah does what he's promised to do.

I do not put my complete confidence in him.

I didn't know you were coming.

There's going to be a tsunami!

It's not like I want you here.

Stu knew Subra wasn't hungry.

I'd rather not go to Boston.


I saw them again last night.

Even though Leonard tried to explain it to Luc, she still couldn't understand.

I thought you had taken everything out of the office.


Sedovic can answer.

Freedom is something you have to fight for, rather than something you're given.

Jiro wants to drink Coke.


Andre is saving his money up to start a business.


Perry, I have something to say to you.

You aren't allowed to swim in this pool until after 7:00 a.m.

It is not mine to foretell the future.


Help me move the couch.

Only my seat is cut off from that bustle.

Apparently, Ron is going to a university in Boston.

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I don't really mind as long as the server doesn't go down for more than 30 minutes.


Do you like your teachers?

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I'm not interested in your religion.

His mother welcomed him back with tears in her eyes.

Miss Klein gives a test every Friday.

You've spoiled everything.

Harv won't be able to go with us.

My father has never been overseas until now.

No pro golfer in Japan is as popular as Jumbo Ozaki.

You won't earn it in the long run.

You're hardworking.

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Just tell us what you saw.


Why didn't you phone before coming?


He asked me if I liked mathematics.


Switzerland is situated between France, Italy, Austria and Germany.

Douglas believed the story that Edwin told him.

Hey, Molly, why don't you come?


I just can't make up my mind.

Is that the book that Trevor gave you?

His income is now double what it was ten years ago.

Lucius is a triathlete.

Who's your favorite character on Glee?

He was breathing with difficulty, but he was conscious.

Whose booklet is that?

Make it a double.

I'm putting a band together. Would you like to join it?

Marshall did his darndest to try and convince his mother to downsize into a smaller house after his father died.

I'm not involving them.

I thought Tuan dumped Isaac a month ago.

It is better to wake up early.

But my older sister is good at swimming.

This room gets a lot of sunshine.


I can let you have this for three hundred dollars.


As soon as it stopped raining a beautiful rainbow appeared.

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Fifty-four years ago, Katherine Johnson did the behind-the-scenes math to put a man in orbit. Today, almost 60 women have blasted into space themselves.

She looks blue for some reason.

Judging from the look of the sky, it is likely to rain.

"I'll do it tomorrow." "You said that yesterday!"

She is acting from some selfish motive.

We must put safety before anything else.

That never gets old.

It'll be summer vacation pretty soon.

Everything stays the same.

Alcohol is harmful to health.

She has big boobs.

She spoke for 30 minutes without a break.

I don't really read newspapers.

What kind of songs does Naren sing at karaoke?

Lonhyn is turning white.

I've had a lot of work to do lately.

We're accepting applications right now.

Lucius told me that he doesn't like carbonated drinks.

"To hire a good lawyer?" Al-Sayib asked.


Do you like camomile tea?

Graham slammed the door shut behind him.

I forgot to tell her.

For example, if I want to get downtown what bus should I take?

I'd like to have some hot chocolate.

Eli will keep you informed.

How fast can you run?

This has visual impairment as a side effect.

In the future we may need to take another look at the way decisions such as this are actually implemented.

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Drew was cheated.

Smoking is bad for you.

A million people lost their live during the war.

Who does want change?

Let's leave early in the morning, OK?

Ravindran is prettier and makes better grades than Alice.

Wine is not harmful in itself.

The dictionary Tai usually uses is very large.

You can have this watch for nothing.

I've been good.

Did anyone phone me?


Mitchell has to speak French at work.

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You cannot be too careful of your health.


She's the most beautiful of the three sisters.

We have no chance of winning.

Have you started learning English?

Many tourists visit the Old City every year.

She is very intelligent and passionate.

It is known that Siamese cats are extrovert.

I'm happy Ronald is telling the truth.


I don't see the problem.

I can see we have a lot of work to do.

Do I detect sarcasm?


Don't ask me what that is.

Unemployment rose sharply.

Is Oskar the one who told you that?

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Do we have any choice?


Surrender or die!


I'll deal with them myself.

I found this odd-looking device in an antique shop. What do you make of it?

Once you've caught the fish, you no longer need the bait.

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Is it safe to stay here?

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The higher you climb, the greater the fall.


Shepard became an admiral in the United States Navy, the first astronaut to ever achieve such a rank.

During the First World War "Anne of Green Gables" was distributed by the Polish government to troops in the trenches to remind them of what they were fighting for.

Please fill the teapot with boiling water.

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He did not trust the common people.

I didn't leave the door open.

I was busy yesterday.

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Why does Mann always look so tired?